Monday, December 3, 2012

Who are influencing the debate on Renewable Energy?

Here at the renewable energy blog I am quite happy to comment on the elements of the renewable energy debate that I find interesting. However, I found myself wondering, who are actually the more influential in the debate on renewable energy.

After much googling around I found many blogs and sites that were high ranked on Google, but were they really also the right ones to follow if I wanted to stay on top of the RE debate. I had the suspicion that that was not the case, as some of the sites/blogs were clearly not updated.

In order to explore this aspect in a more thorough way I asked the influence analysis authority Onalytica for assistance. Onalytica is a young company that has achieved great results based on their unique algorithm driven analyses of the internet buzz. Recently they published a top 100 list of economic blogs.

Using Onalytica's Influencemonitor I identified the Top 10 influencers on the Renewable energy debate.

The list is clearly a list  of heavyweights. Five on the list are Newspapers (New York Times, the Guardian, Wall Street Journal) or syndicated news agencies (Bloomberg, Reuters). The other five are either connected to the US government (Whitehouse and Department of Energy) or the EU (the European Union, the European Commission or the European Investment Bank).

I invite you to explore these sites in more detail. They contain a wealth of information and most have special sections dedicated to renewable energy.

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