Saturday, January 3, 2009

Modern By-products in 10 years

In 2009 The Modern By-products Group celebrates its 10 year anniversary. From being a good business idea 10 years ago, born by company founder David Magnussen, the concept has grown and been successful, so that we are today active with offices in 8 countries and a growing business. The concept has been clear from the beginning: we want to help companies in the food, oleochemical and biodiesel industry to better manage their by-products. Many companies have over the years come to rely on MBP to handle their by-products in an optimal way ensuring that by-products are handled optimally from an environmental, legal and economical point of view. In this process we have developed extensive knowledge and technical expertise necessary in order to manage what is for many companies seem trivial tasks.

In the year of our 10 year anniversary we have decided to share some of our ideas and thoughts with a wider group of people through this blog. We do this because we are passionate about what we do; and because we often find that people are very interested in what we do. In this blog I look forward to share our insights in reuse of resources, renewable energy technologies and green policies in different countries. I hope that you will find these thoughts interesting and I look forward to any thoughts and feedback that you wish to share.

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