Saturday, January 3, 2009

From Used Cooking Oils to biodiesel

Sveprol Bio Production AB, a company in The Modern By-product Group recently signed a countrywide contract with McDonald's in Sweden. MBP collects the used cooking oil from 230 restaurants in all of Sweden, and makes sure that the used oil is reused for biodiesel manufacture. As part of the contract MBP provides McDonald's with biodiesel from 2nd generation biological oils, in what can be described as a green circle. (for more details please refer to McDonald's press release (in Swedish) from 3 November 2008 on their homepage)

Sveprol has the ability to collect the used cooking oil in a cost efficient way, which is not an easy task in a country with only 19,8 people per square kilometer (only Norway, Finland and Iceland are more sparsely populated in Europe). After collection the oils are filtered and treated in order to be used as substitute for virgin oils. This is a good illustration of what Modern By-products is all about. At the same time as we are reducing waste, we are substituting virgin oils that can instead be used for human consumption - and last but not least the biodiesel from renewable sources replaces normal diesel from mineral oil, which we all know is a finite resource.

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