Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Company Website

As Sales Director in MBP Group I'm also responsible for our marketing and online presence. The old company webpage had become quite outdated in many aspects and we felt we need an update and a new touch.

In order to get the job done we decided to depend on help from a consultant. Bertel Bolt-Jørgensen had the kind of profile that we were looking for. In fact he was able to add focus, updated knowledge about web technology, pictures and dedication. It turned out to be a good decision to bring him on board.

We wanted to make a web page that reflects the company that we are. We know that our web page is used a lot by our business connections that want to read more about MBP. After they have had contact with our people on the phone, e-mail or in real life. A good web page is a unique possibility to tell in more detail about what we do and our business concept. We wanted to be able to present the company not just in words, so we have made an effort to produce original photos of our factories and storage facilities, products, people and thematic illustrations.

The second feature that we wanted to add with the new web page was multi language. With our offices in more than eight countries we felt that it would be relevant to be able to communicate with more of our customers in their own language. The web page has been launched in English and we are now in the process of rewriting in a number of different languages. We are excited to see the results once we go online - in early December.

In the meantime I invite you to visit our home page - and maybe leave a note on what you like or if you have suggestions for improvements....

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