Monday, August 6, 2012

New Blog Name - New Scope

Today this blog has changed the scope. From being quite company centric the blog has now widened the scope and is now focusing on exploring the wider world of renewable energy. There are several reasons for this.
Firstly the development of my company website has improved so this site now covers to a large degree the subjects that were previously an important part of this blog when it was named the modern by-product blog.
Secondly from a professional point of view I have realised that in order to understand the renewable energy world it is necessary to look at many different technologies, as so far no one winner has materialised.
Thirdly I have not been able so far to find one place which takes a broader look at the whole renewable energy area.

I have made a small survey of other blogs with a similar name to the Renewable Energy Blog and it seems that most of these are currently dormant, so I guess there is a vacant slot here. Part of the purpose of this blog will be to consolidate much of the available information in the area. As we go along I expect the blog to be more clearly defined, as I get to grips with the area. so consider this a work in progress.

My approach will be that of the environmentally conscious economist. I am educated a M.Sc. in forestry as well as a executive MBA, together with my day job as a sales director in recycling and bio fuel company I have a good background for understanding the technical background as well as the need for the numbers to add up in order to different technologies to be competitive.

My starting point for this blog was the biodiesel industry and the bio heating oil industry. This will continue to be my home turf. But new areas of the renewable energy world will now also be included. The aim will be to provide a better overview of the many different technologies that are today relevant in the industry and the many that are still under development and may be relevant in the future.

I welcome your comments and input. I also welcome any potential media partner, who can help bring a larger audience to this blog.

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